Welcome to the south side section of the Glasgow Quiz pages, testing your knowledge of Glasgow trivia.
Each question has just one correct answer.



  1. The "Linn" in Glasgow's Linn Park refers to which feature of the park?
    Woodland     Waterfall     Meadow     Iron Bridge    
  2. Castlemilk in Glasgow derives its name from an estate in which old Scottish county?
    Berwickshire     Dumfriesshire     Ayrshire     Perthshire    
  3. Bogton Castle was situated in which present day Glasgow district?
    Dumbreck     Battlefield     Mosspark     Muirend    
  4. Shields Road subway station is situated in which street?
    Shields Road     Scotland Street     Seaward Street    Vermont Street    
  5. The Hundred Acre Hill is situated in which district of Glasgow's south side?
    Crosshill     Queens Park     Cardonald     Kings Park    
  6. Teddy Taylor, Maggie Thatcher’s shadow Scottish Secretary, lost Cathcart in the 1979 General Election, to whom?
    Frank McElhone     Peter McCann     John Maxton     Tom Harris    
  7. Which south side landmark was situated in Queen Street, in the city centre, from 1847 to 1901?
    Dixon Halls     Pearce Institute     Langside Halls     Pollokshaws Burgh Hall    
  8. Only one of the following railway stations is still operating, which one?
    Bellahouston     Dumbreck     Gorbals     Strathbungo    
  9. Knowehead Lodge is situated in which south side park?
    Pollok Park     Linn Park     Bellahouston Park     Queens Park    
  10. Which obscure south side district sounds like an ill-mannered shellfish?
    Wildoyster     Toughwinkle     Roughmussel     Crudescallop    

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